Real Estate

There are many facets to buying or selling real estate. Asset Law Firm, PLLC can help you understand and negotiate issues related to required documents, legal descriptions, recorded documents, deeds, liens, contract contingencies, due diligence, easements, and other elements. We can help whether you are working with a real estate agent or not. Lara Chubaty, attorney at Asset Law Firm, PLLC, is licensed as an associate broker with the Arizona Department of Real Estate. She is also a REALTOR® with over 10 years’ experience with the entire process of selling and buying property. This experience is extremely valuable in helping clients buy or sell real estate. Ms. Chubaty can provide insight into market conditions and also what is customary and reasonably expected in the local real estate market.

Asset Law Firm, PLLC can help review, draft and negotiate with respect to either the standard Arizona Association of REALTORS® contract documents or with contracts drafted from other sources. Some ways that we can help you with your real estate contract include:
1. Explaining contract terms and their consequences
2. Explaining rights, responsibilities with regard to the contract and its specific terms
3. Drafting of terms for contracts, counter-offers & addenda

Signing Real Estate DocumentsReal Estate for Sellers 

Asset Law Firm, PLLC can provide guidance with the entire the process of selling property, including legal requirements, property disclosures and documents needed to transfer property in Arizona. Save time and money by having Asset Law Firm, PLLC help structure your deal and draft the appropriate language at the outset versus paying commission and/or paying an attorney to fix mistakes and save the deal later on. As a seller, it may be beneficial to you in some instances to offer some sort of financing to the buyer of your property. There are several alternatives that may be appropriate, including deed of trust with promissory note, contract for deed, option to purchase, lease purchase and lease option. These types of transactions must be carefully constructed to ensure that the terms are legally effective and that your rights are protected.

Real Estate For Buyers Calculator and Finances

There are many types of real estate offerings on the market these days, including traditional sales,short sales, auctions, bank-owned/REO, HUD owned, lease-purchase, lease-option, wrap-around and different variations of seller-carry homes.Buying property can be complicated and stressful. You begin by figuring outhow much you can afford and then deciding what you need and want in a property. Next it comes time to choose an area and neighborhood and begin comparing homes. Then you move on to the offer stage and negotiate your way through to an accepted contract. The real estate contract and process of closing on a real estate transaction involves rights, responsibilities, terms and legal consequences. It is important to have the right help to assist you and protect your rights through the process.