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Client-centered problem solving

We are passionate about helping people & understand legal matters can be daunting & stressful. You’ll appreciate our empathetic & straightforward approach.

Appreciating OUR Clients

We sincerely appreciate those who seek assistance of an attorney. Many resources are available these days to help people create instruments on their own. But choosing to work with an attorney demonstrates wanting to do the right thing for yourself & others.

Keeping Time and Money in Mind

We consider each client’s needs, goals & circumstances. Time is valuable. Evening & weekend appointments available & many things can be handled via phone, email & regular mail.

Real Estate

We help buyers and sellers of residential real estate and work hard to achieve the best outcome and make the process as smooth as possible. For property owners, we can provide assistance to sell a home for a reasonable fee that is much cheaper than many alternatives. We also help with seller financing and other real estate transactions using various instruments. We have extensive experience helping owners complete short sales when there is more debt owed on a property than its current market value.

Business Entities

We offer assistance to those needing to create and maintain a business entity. Business owners, real estate investors, real estate licensees and other professionals can rely on us for their business needs. We help with formation of limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships along with regular administrative maintenance of these entities. We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and goals when it comes to putting together a business entity.

Reasonable Flat Fees

Asset Law Firm provides the following flat fee services:

  • Deed preparation $85-$95
  • Residential real estate contract or lease review $195-$295 depending on number of pages
  • Commercial real estate contract or lease review $550-$850 depending on number of pages
  • Residential Real Estate Purchase and Sale (with accompanying documents) preparation $695
  • Residential Contract for Deed/Agreement for Sale preparation $695
  • Demand letter $195-$295 depending on length/complexity
  • LLC formation with operating agreement $350

Prices effective through September 30, 2018.

What our clients are saying

We would like to thank Lara for doing a terrific job with our trust and real estate matter. She worked very hard to do all that was possible to make sure that our needs were taken care of. The transaction was a breeze and we would like to thank Lara for making sure that we received the best service and attention she could provide.

Bob & Sandy G.

Ms. Chubaty did a wonderful job navigating my purchases of several homes in the Phoenix area. My goal was to acquire several buy and hold properties and Lara’s hard work and diligence helped me do just that. She helped coordinate all the paperwork needed to buy these homes. I highly recommend Lara because of her skill and expertise in Valley real estate.

– Thomas R.

Ms. Chubaty was very compassionate and knowledgeable when helping me with my estate planning matter. She did a terrific job helping my mother and I take care of our needs. I would not hesitate to work with her again.

– Unnamed

Lara worked tirelessly to short sell our house in Phoenix when we decided to move back to Canada. She went above and beyond on several occasions. Lara is highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. She was happy to answer any and all of our questions, day or night. She gave expert advice even in a unique and challenging situation. She was a joy to work with. We would highly recommend Lara to our friends and family.

– Jim and Sandra D.

New to the Valley, my wife and I needed help with our living trust and the creation of two LLC’s. Ms. Chubaty with Asset Law Firm was very helpful and informative in preparing what we needed. We appreciated her patience and understanding in helping us accomplish our goals.

– Charles V.

We sold a home in Scottsdale, AZ, while residents of another state. Throughout the process, Ms. Chubaty dealt with us in a most professional and competent manner, listening carefully to our concerns and requests. Ms. Chubaty worked diligently from offer to closing. We could not imagine an attorney who would have done better for us. We are sure to call her again if a realty situation should arise.

– Irene K.

I am very happy that I had Ms. Chubaty help me with my legal matter. Lara took the time to go over and explain all the necessary paperwork and construct a plan that would work for me. Thank you to this caring and loyal professional.

– John M.

I write this from our beautiful home in AZ. with appreciation and gratitude to our attorney, Lara Chubaty, who, with tireless energy, performed miracles in helping us to execute the deal and take possession of our dream home in two weeks! We would highly recommend Lara as a knowledgeable, professional who is sure to make your real estate experience a very positive one.

– Dennis and Liisa J.

Lara has helped me with several real estate questions in my practice. She is very careful and thoughtful in her evaluation of the facts. I know she is knowledgeable and cares about the success of her clients. Very trustworthy and easy to work with as well. Supreme professional. I thank her for all of her help.

– Heather C.

I highly recommend Lara Chubaty – She helped my husband and I when we were trying to refinance our home. We had an appraisal done on our home and it came in short of what we were hoping for. Lara took the time to explain to us what most attorneys will not (or want to charge you an arm and a leg to do) and she also took the time to check the market in our area so we knew what we were up against. I have also conferred with her on other issues and I have found her to be not only highly knowledgeable in her field, but in other areas of law. She has been amazing in not only helping my husband and I, but by treating us with respect and putting our needs first. I would highly recommend Ms. Chubaty.

– Jeannette B.

I am a real estate agent here in Phoenix area. I contacted Ms. Chubaty to ask that she help a real estate client of mine with regards to some easement and water well issues on a property he was buying. Ms. Chubaty helped my buyer negotiate an outcome that was most beneficial to him, enabling him to successfully purchase several adjacent properties in the Phoenix area. Ms. Chubaty was caring, patient, and knowledgeable with regards to our real estate matter. I endorse Ms. Chubaty and would definitely recommend her to other real estate clients. A very huge Thank you!

– James S.

Lara Chubaty has always provided me with expert legal advice and services. I truly appreciate her friendly and knowledgeable approach, and her quick response to every issue she has helped me with. I highly recommend Lara Chubaty.

– Sara T.

I recommend Lara for real estate. Lara was so easy to work with. She was easily accessible and always returned calls and emails asap. As an out of state seller, I was happy that she made sure that she was working in my best interests and put my priorities first. She was careful to make sure that all of the necessary forms were done correctly and appropriately. Lara also made sure that I sold my property for the best price possible.

– Pat Q.

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